Volunteers, Servant Leaders, Are Crucial To Our Mission And That Of Crawford County, Indiana

Areas At CFCC Where Volunteers Are Needed

  • Board of Directors
  • Education/Scholarship Committee
  • Events Committee
  • Finance: Audit, Budget, Investment Committees
  • Grants Committee
  • Hometown Collaborative Initiative Committee
  • Marketing/Publicity Committee
  • Office Volunteer
  • Policy Committee
  • Youth Philanthropy Council

Pictured is Jim Kaiser, CFCC's Lifetime Volunteer Award Recipient, along with his late wife, Doris. Out of love and respect, Jim established this fund in honor of Doris. This fund's proceeds support volunteer recognition in Crawford County through an event every other year. 

2022 DJSK Volunteers of the Year Award Honorees

Row 1: Marsha Wells, Judy and Dewey Shelton, Bob Crecelius, Dan Crecelius; Row 2: Bill Mitchell, Mary Crecelius, Emily Siler, Polly Stephenson Mohr, Sharon Broughton, Vic & Eva McCune; Back Row: Josh Longest, Nicholas Siler, Ernie & Marti Stroud, Chase Smith; Not pictured is Sharon Morris

2019 DJSK Volunteers of the Year and Lifetime Philanthropist Award

Row 1: Carol & Ken Sharp, Dr. Milton W. Roggenkamp, Becky Walts, Joycelyn Noll Back Row 2: Larry Taylor, Bill Piper, Sam Crecelius, Frank Milcarek, Robert & Ruth Byerly, Marlin Heinlein

2017 DJSK Volunteers of the Year Award Honorees

In June 2017, CFCC held the first Doris June Snider Kaiser (DJSK) Volunteer Recognition Event for Crawford County. 

Berniece Clark, Kayla Clunie. Betty A. Cook. Norman and Ruthie Fetz, Sondra Jellison, Doug Phillips, Carol Tomlinson, Gary Tower, Louise Wright, Laura Zipp; and CFCC's Lifetime Volunteer Award Recipient: Jim Kaiser

Award Donations

Pictured above are the 2017 DJSK Honoree Awards, handcrafted by Crawford County's own Paul Moon.

Pictured above are awards that were made and donated by Mark Hollen at Marengo Monument.